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3 Day Canada-Barbados Delegation Meeting 

During the past week, a delegation from A Team Barbados in Canada traveled to Nova Scotia with the aim of finding more opportunities for Barbados and its people. The delegation, led by High Commissioner Gline Clarke and including Consulate General Sonia Marville-Carter, Counsellor Andre Padmore, Senior Liaison Officer Ken Mason, and Assistant Liaison Officer Shirley Wall-Mayers, represented the interests of Barbados. Over the course of three days, meetings were organized by Ryan Massiah of Massiah Group in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, to introduce the delegation to various individuals, such as innovators, educators, government officials, farmers, and businesspeople. The purpose of these meetings was to explore potential opportunities for Barbados in these specific areas within the Atlantic Provinces of Canada.

On the first day of the delegation visit, the Barbados delegation team and the organizers visited several agricultural businesses in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. These businesses included Valley Waste Recycling, Eden Valley Poultry, Taproot Farms, Seaview Poultry, and Vermeulan Farms. Throughout the day, the group had the opportunity to attend business presentations and private tours. First, the group visited Valley Waste Recycling, known for their sustainable waste management practices, showcased their innovative techniques for recycling and waste reduction. This visit highlighted the potential for knowledge exchange and collaboration in waste management between Barbados and Nova Scotia. Next was Eden Valley Poultry, a renowned poultry farm, provided insights into their successful production practices and quality control measures. The delegation gained valuable knowledge on poultry farming techniques and explored potential avenues for collaboration in the poultry industry. Third, Taproot Farms, a local organic farm, showcased their sustainable farming practices and emphasized the importance of organic agriculture. The delegation learned about the benefits of organic farming and explored possibilities for promoting sustainable agriculture in Barbados. Fourth, Seaview Poultry, another poultry farm in the region, introduced the delegation to their advanced processing techniques and emphasized the importance of food safety and quality standards. This visit provided an opportunity for the delegation to explore potential partnerships in the poultry processing industry. And finally, Vermeulan Farms, known for their innovative approaches to farming, introduced the delegation to their diversified farming techniques, including aquaculture and horticulture. The delegation gained insights into the integration of various farming methods and explored the potential for adopting similar approaches in Barbados. Overall, the visits to these agricultural businesses in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia provided the Team Barbados delegation with valuable insights into sustainable waste management, poultry farming, organic agriculture, poultry processing, and diversified farming techniques. These experiences opened up possibilities for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and potential partnerships between Barbados and Nova Scotia in the agricultural sector. The delegation's engagement with the businesses showcased the commitment of both Barbados and Nova Scotia to fostering innovation, sustainability, and economic growth. The exchange of ideas and experiences between the two regions has the potential to yield fruitful outcomes and contribute to the development of the agricultural sector in Barbados.

On the second day of the delegation visit, the Barbados delgation team had the opportunity to further explore the potential opportunities in Nova Scotia. The day started with a fascinating tour of Just Us Coffee Brewery, where they had the chance to learn about the coffee-making process and experience the rich flavors of locally sourced beans. The delegation was warmly welcomed by the Mayor of Kings County, Peter Muttart, who expressed his enthusiasm for building stronger ties between Barbados and Nova Scotia. The delegation then attended a series of presentations by representatives of the Atlantic Immigration Program of Nova Scotia, the Trade Industry, and the Labour market. These presentations provided valuable insights into the various opportunities available for Barbadians in Nova Scotia, including information on immigration programs, trade partnerships, and potential job opportunities. In addition to the informative presentations, the delegation also had the privilege of visiting the Nova Scotia Community College, which holds special significance as it is the former college of Ryan Massiah, CEO of the Massiah Group. This visit allowed the delegation to witness firsthand the quality of education and training available in Nova Scotia, further highlighting the potential for collaboration and knowledge exchange between the two regions. During their time in Nova Scotia, the delegation also had the opportunity to meet with representatives from VANSDA, a not-for-profit community development organization. This meeting provided valuable insights into the community development initiatives taking place in Nova Scotia and the potential for partnership and collaboration in this area. Overall, the second day of the delegation was filled with engaging activities and fruitful discussions. The delegation was able to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities available in Nova Scotia and establish connections with key stakeholders in various sectors. This visit not only strengthens the relationship between Barbados and Nova Scotia but also lays the foundation for future collaboration and growth in areas such as trade, education, and community development.


On the final day of the delegation visit, the Barbados team and the organizers visited Acadia University, located in the charming town of Wolfville. This visit provided a unique opportunity for the delegation to engage in academic presentations that further strengthened the Barbados Nova Scotia connection. The presentations focused on various topics such as renewable energy, highlighting the innovative approaches both regions are taking to address climate change. The discussions also delved into the technological advances in energy efficiency, shedding light on the potential for collaboration and knowledge sharing between Barbados and Nova Scotia in this field. Additionally, the presentations emphasized the striking similarities between the two regions in terms of the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change. It was truly an enlightening experience that showcased the dedication of Acadia University towards sustainable development and its commitment to fostering collaboration between nations. In addition, on this final day of meetings, Ryan Massiah, Vickie of JustUsCoffee, and Brian Rhodenizer were all presented with small tokens of appreciation from Team Barbados for their individual and collective roles in a well-planned, executed, and productive three days of meetings.

Overall, the visit of the Barbados delegation to Nova Scotia was a significant step towards fostering innovation, sustainability, and economic growth between the two regions. The discussions and interactions during the visit laid the foundation for future partnerships, allowing both Barbados and Nova Scotia to leverage each other's strengths and expertise for mutual benefit.

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